Zuki Moba – A Vietnamese Blockchain Game Successfully Raises 1.4 Million USD

Zuki Moba – A Vietnamese Blockchain Game Successfully Raises 1.4Million USD

It is noteworthy that this Zuki Moba project has received a lot of attention from the community when it successfully raised $ 1.4 million in capital from international investment funds, including big names like Kyber Network, Coinsgroup, Axia8 Ventures, UFIN, Krypital Group, x21, Clovers Venture, Onebit Ventures, Kiwi Group, Alphamoon Capital, VBC Ventures, BinStarter, LaunchZone, BSCStation, and KrystalGo. This is an important milestone affirming the inherent potential of the project as well as proving the credibility of large investment funds.

Zuki Moba is an NFT game in the snowball MOBA genre, with each match consisting of a group of players divided into 2 teams to fight to win for their team. The game is aimed at the casual player segment, with simple combat mechanics that are easy to grasp along with a friendly sportsmanship theme. Each match lasts 10 minutes, just enough for anyone to participate and enjoy the leisure time of the day.

Zuki Moba was created to meet the entertainment needs of users and, most importantly, to put the interests of users first. Most of the NFT games on the market today have simple and repetitive gameplay, making the player experience boring. But with Zuki Moba, with the MOBA online game genre, each match will be different depending on the player lineup as well as the team’s skills and tactics.

With this MOBA nature, Zuki Moba also offers various game modes with different objectives, ensuring the best experience for players.

In addition, Blockchain and NFT also help solve problems inherent in the gaming industry that traditional games cannot meet. With Blockchain technology, the relationship between players and game publishers has been balanced, gamers are no longer as dependent as before. NFT helps the items gamers own in the game actually belong to them, preventing unfortunate cases such as when the account is hacked or the game publisher has a server error and closing the server.

Other than that, since Zuki Moba is a game that offers investment opportunities to players, its NFT is the main feature that can make this come true. NFT items are non-replaceable, non-fungible tokens, making each item a unique, one-of-a-kind item. With a wide range of NFT items in-game, users can make a profit by playing the game, collecting these NFTs, and selling them on Zuki Moba Marketplace for other users.

Zuki Moba

Zuki Moba has a development team full of experience in the blockchain and gaming industry. Right now, with a strong backend team and partners supporting, who has strong potential, position, and a great influence on the blockchain market, the project is taking its last few steps to prepare for its upcoming IDO and alpha release in Q4/2021.

Stay tuned and wait for their blast.

Website: https://zukimoba.com

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