Iraq War Veteran Launches Business to Employ Former Soldiers

By JENNIFER TIMAR, Livingston Daily BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Iraq War veteran Justin Billard is launching a Brighton Township business that will employ and support his fellow returned soldiers. Tools for Veterans is housed in a workshop that …

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7 Business Building Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

When you’re working to build a business, it can be tough to get your feet off the ground. Thankfully, all successful entrepreneurs have been there, and know how hard it can be to get things moving when you’re just getting started. When I got my star…

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8 Tips For Building and Managing a Successful Digital Business

From online shopping and telehealth services to remote working and virtual workout sessions, digital offerings are rapidly growing to meet market demands. Consumers rely on digital platforms for various daily activities, and there’s no better time t…

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