Green thumbs discover sense of community at their fingertips

Kristina Minister of Portland gardens in her plot at the North Street Community Garden this month.  Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Staff Photographer  Buy Image Aaron Root spent years cultivating a little garden in front of his old Portland rental. But he …

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4 Tips For Building A Profitable Lawn Care Business

Building a successful and profitable lawn care business takes more than motivation and passion. It also needs effort, a good understanding of the market, sound lead generation and conversion strategies, as well as knowing how to maximize profits. Yo…

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Fast-growing shade trees for your Tucson yard

W e live in impatient times, and when we decide we want a tree in our yard we want it to grow quickly so we can enjoy its shade. There are quite a few local trees that grow fast, as well as some that are non-native. However, fast-growing trees come …

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